Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday's Success Story

Hello!! I've got another success story for you this weekend!!  The fosters who adopted these two cats, "Kazoo and Kira," wrote my friend Barbara (the Cat Lady) about the cats they got from her.  Cat Lady fostered them until they found a good home.   

"We have been so enjoying life with Kira and Kazoo. February has been a fantastic month for them settling in and relaxing and really making our home their own. It's just great. Kira will nap on the bed with us occasionally, but often she snuggles under the bed with Kazoo. Kazoo will jump up to say hello and perhaps sit on my lap for a bit, but when it's really sleep time, she goes under the bed, which is just fine with us. They know our alarm sounds mean that we're supposed to be getting up--this morning they both jumped up and chirped right after I hit the "off" button.

Both girls LOOOVE our bathrooms. They love them so much that we have to keep the doors closed otherwise they'll be in there all the time! The tub is a fantastic place for wrestling (Kira loves to hide behind the shower curtain and bat at Kazoo) and perhaps a quick bathing session or two. They are so sweet when they're bathing each other! Kira will reach out both paws and hug Kazoo around the neck and they each groom the other like crazy. Kazoo and I will often have some special time in the morning, and she'll jump up on our counter and ask me to turn on the water. I'll turn on the faucet just a bit and she'll bat at the water stream and even bite at it a bit. She hasn't yet figured out how to take a good drink without getting her face wet, but she doesn't mind. Both Kira and Kazoo love our shower in the master bath and will go in there and sit for a minute, even if we've just gotten out of the shower and the floor is wet. Neither of them seem to mind a bit of water on their paws, and if we close the shower door, they'll both sit in front of it and look over at us like, "Well??"
 Downstairs, we got them a kitty condo to perch in front of the window so they would have a good view of our neighborhood, and on an impulse, I bought them a scratcher/play thing that's shaped like an S. I bought it because I thought it was cute, but it has become one of their favorite playthings. Kazoo loves to sit on the curved end and take a bath, but soon she starts jumping over it and crawling under, and then Kira will usually pounce on her and they start a magnificent game of wrestle-and-chase. We also bought a little scratcher that you hang from a doorknob--Kira LOVES it especially because it has (had) a feather dangling down from the top. A few times we would hear a scuffling and see Kira with all four paws on the scratcher, swinging from side to side and biting at the feather. The feather is now gone and we probably won't see it again ever!
 Both of the girls are sweet, sweet, sweet, but Kazoo is my special girl and Kira really loves my husband--he pets her just right. She will follow him around and flop over on her side as a signal for when she's ready for one of his special pet sessions. Kazoo will jump up on my lap and stretch her front paws up my chest, and close her eyes and purr, then when I scratch her under the chin she'll relax and lie on my arm and let me hold her up for a bit. The sweetest thing is that although it's agreed who each girl likes best, when they jump up to sit with us, Kira will always come over to me for a minute and say hello, and Kazoo will walk over to my husband for a minute before they each settle down with their selected human. It's just the best.

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