Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friday's Friend

Now, this looks like a cool kitty!!  I didn't say that!  My human wrote it this time.  The Cool Cat Lady sent me an email this week of a cat looking for a Forever Home.   

I'd like you to meet Ophelia. The following is copy sent to me from the Cat Lady- I don't want Lulu (my girlfriend) or the guys to think I'd say this about a cat on purpose:  "This pretty girl is 1 ½ years old and has had a litter of 5 very cute kittens, who have now all found homes. Ophelia was a wonderful mom and now is ready for a home of her own. She is friendly, social and even gets along with the dog in her house. (Woof! – this might even be a cat that I could get to like! But, please don't tell Mom -I'm loving all the attention) Ophelia was not only a grrreat mom to her kids – she also loves the human children in her foster home. She’d be a wonderful addition to any family! If you’d like to learn more about Ophelia or meet her please visit the PetConnect website: 
PetConnect Rescue - Adopt a Cat Ophelia."

I'd truly like to thank Barbara, the Cat Lady, at PetConnect for her continuing support of "Friday's Friend" and her work at PetConnect Rescue caring for the many cats that she does.  Thanks Cat Lady!!!!!

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