Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Day!

My humans come home from a long day at work, change their clothes and then ask me about my day.  Did you get plenty of rest?  Did you have a good day?

Sometimes this routine gets to be annoying.  First of all, I am not just some lazy dog that does nothing all day- tempting as it is- I can’t do that with my long list of responsibilities.  Ok, so sometimes I can, but just not always.  With this list, who can rest….  I’m responsible for:
·        Homeland Security
·        Exercise Trainer
·        Morning Wake-Up Call
·        Pest/Wildlife Control
I start my day by coming into their bedroom waking them up for the day- wanna talk frightening??  You should see my human’s hair in those early morning hours –then I have to take Dad out for his morning walk- he wouldn’t go without me-then he’d be fatter and lazier.   Then, I have my breakfast – go outside and check out the property- need to certain nothing happened during the night that I don’t know about AND, chase off all those rotten squirrels….  who dig those holes that I get blamed for…… I head back in and check to make sure Dad had his breakfast.  He did and is busy playing some silly game called Farmville.

They head to work and I head upstairs to curl up in my favorite spot, which is a secret just in case my humans read this blog, to take a rest.   It doesn’t last long when I hear something out front.   A loud booming noise then a clatter- the neighbor doing some work on their house- all is safe…… back to my napping spot….

No sooner do I fall off asleep when the doorbell rings.   I run down to the front door- I don’t recognize him so I bark.   He’s not real swift as he rings the doorbell again!  So I let him no he ain’t messing with a little puppy and really let a bark out.  He leaves. 

I head to my secret place and get all curled up when I hear some screaming and yelling.  Worried, I run downstairs to find out what it is- boys across the street playing games- excellent, good for them.  Can you guess where I am headed?  Probably.  Been headed there all day but not had much rest.

It doesn’t work this time either.  Although I think I know what this noise is about, I go to check to discover, I’m right- a couple trash trucks making their rounds and the school bus just went by.

I head up again, hoping, just hoping I am done with the chaos of the day.  I drift off to sleep and begin having visions of Lulu in my head.   Then they are home. 

Why kind of day did I have?  Busy.  Am glad they are home so I can rest- I’ll let the humans  check out the next weird noises!!  And, so it goes, the doorbell rings, I am off to make sure my humans are safe!!

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