Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday's Friend- Part 2- A Cat

OH MY!!!!  WHAT A GORGEOUS CAT!!!!  Er, ooops, I hope none of my dog buddies read this, but I have to admit, she's beautiful and by the profile the Cat Lady sent me, she sounds great!

Meet Millie- she's a dilute tortie cat with gorgeous coloring and markings – and really striking! (no guys I haven't lost my mind!!)  Poor little Millie. She was adopted from a shelter as a kitten, and sadly returned 3 1/2 years later, because her person became ill and went to an assisted living/nursing home. Millie had spent her whole life with her owner, and is now having to adjust to a whole different life. She is doing well though, considering. Millie can be a bit shy at first but warms up quickly and is a purr machine! She loves to be held like a baby; in fact, she will wrap her four paws around the hand that is petting her belly :-) Millie is a very petite (weighs 9 lbs, but looks much smaller), and she is very well mannered. She is affectionate and adorable and just wants to be loved. To learn more about Millie or to arrange to meet her please visit her webpage on PetConnect Rescue: PetConnect Rescue Adopt a Cat- Millie

Ok- just so you know- I am still a dog, will always be a dog, and behave like a dog and RUFF!!!!!!!!  Oh, that felt better- I felt something coming on.   My human taught me to respect others, EVEN if they are cats.   


Prudence said...

Your secret is safe w/ me Dulles! I don't like the word to get around but I share my home w/a few kitties too. They're really not so bad, as long as they stay away from my treats, bol!

Allen Pearson said...

Thanks for stopping by and for keeping my secret- the guys would give me a ruff time!! A barking bad time!