Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday's Friend: Dog Adoption, A Forever Home!

WOOF!!!! Barkingly pawsome! I have two dog and cat rescue groups who have joined my "Friday's Friend" posts this week.  I am pleased to welcome "A Forever Home" from Chantilly, Virginia! A Forever Home works to rescue dogs and cats!!

I made a friend there that I would like to introduce to you!  Her name is Ginny, a 7-year old Lab Mix. 
Credit: A Forever Home
Ginny is a lovely, beautiful, sweet mid-sized dog with wonderful manners!  Want a dog who has never met a stranger, then she's your girl!!!  WOOF!!  I think she's hot! er, uh, excuse me- ARF?

Ginny has had a bit of a rough year- she gave birth to six beautiful pups that have been adopted, and she's been treated for heartworm. Barkingly, she torn her ACL and needs to undergo surgery.  Once that's done, WOOF!!, and she recovered, she will be looking for her "Forever Home" which she will probably be ready for in late August!

A Forever Home covers whatever medical needs are required of hte dogs in their care.  Once Ginny's surgery is complete, it will cost a pretty penny, nearly $5,000.  WOOF!  Pawingly, if you are not able to adopt, but like to help with Ginny's care, you can do so by donating at A Forever Home 

Interested in adopting Ginny and to learn more about dog adoption, please email A Forever Home at if you’re interested in giving Ginny a forever home.

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