Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seven Facts You Do Not Know About Your Dog

How aptly do you know your canine companion sitting on your sofa? Why is he performing astonishing sometimes? Is he doing it on purpose or just wish to make fun of you? The days you are with your dogs do not guarantee how good you know them as well as their weird practices. Let's try to know some cool dog facts and know them more than what their wagging tail seems to tell.

Dog fact number 1: When your dog chases his/her tail, he desires help from the vet.

A wide variety of reasons explain why dogs chase their tail: exercise, predatory instinct, worry or presence of fleas. However, to talk with your vet is the safest and surest means to get the actual reason why your dog keeps chasing his/her tail.

Dog fact number 2: Dogs dream at night.

Do not be dismayed if you see your dog barking or moving his/her feet while asleep. He/she may have been chasing his/her love at the park in his/her dream. Humans and dogs share the same SWS (slow wave sleep) as well as REM (rapid eye movement) while asleep. So let him/her experience the moment to savor twitching while the eyes are closed.

Dog fact number 3: They have night vision.

Do you know how dogs can freely move in the dark? How did they even get robbers trying to steal your valuables when the sun has gone down? Well, dogs have tapetum lucidum, which gives them the ability them to see even when it’s dark.

Dog fact number 4: If he/she is acting peculiar, go get your umbrella.

Although scientists have not yet found the secret behind this, but according to Petside.com, dogs can detect the weather especially when it’s going to rain. So, the next time you see your dog acting funny, go get the umbrella right away. Besides, it pays to be prepared at all cost.

Dog fact number 5: Dogs don’t sweat like people do.

Dogs cannot sweat everywhere. As a matter of fact, they only sweat on their pads. When you see that their paw pads are sweating, you get the notion that the space is a bit warm for them reside.

Dog fact number 6: Your dog’s nose is wet because he/she is absorbing scent.

Being known to be the chief of scent, dogs release a mucous on their nose to help them discern the scent (more accurately than we do). When If their nose become wet, they would lick them to sample the scent they have absorbed with their mouth.

Dog fact number 7: They are the master of scent.

Dogs can determine the scent 100,000 times more accurate than humans. No doubt why even the FBI and peace order departments of our local government search help from them in finding unwanted items in many public places. This also explains why when you leave your food unattended; you would be left with nothing but the food container.

There are other things that you do not know about your dog so do not easily label them by the way they move or kick after peeing in your backyard. Most of the weird stuffs they do may really be funny but it is always ideal to see your vet on a regular basis.

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