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How To Treat Canine Arthritis And Other Health Issues With Turmeric

Dog owners know too well how canine arthritis can cause disabilities in their favorite pets. It is indeed disheartening to see your friend which was once energetic, lively and a happy dog succumb to a life on a scrunched up doggy bed. It is also quite costly for dog owners to take their pets to the vet all the time to get the necessary treatments they need.

There is a natural treatment for canine arthritis and it is the use of turmeric curcumin. Turmeric is a spice commonly known as a cooking ingredient but it also has healing properties that do not just work on us humans, but on dogs too. It is also an effective remedy for skin problems that most outdoorsy dogs usually suffer from.

Below are the health benefits your pets can enjoy when you supplement them with turmeric.

Treats Canine Arthritis
The effects of turmeric curcumin on human arthritis are known all too well. Believe it or not, its functions are the same when administered to your pets. The effects of curcumin - the potent compound responsible for its effectivity, comes from anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic natural compounds. That alone helps the swelling and the discomfort they feel on their joints.

Additionally, curcumin helps protect chondrocytes (cells responsible for bone development) from damage by supporting osteoblasts (cells responsible for bone healing and bone formation) on the problem area. Therefore, turmeric directly protects the overall bone health of your dogs.

Supports Heart Health

For older canines, one major health concern is their heart condition. As older dogs are more susceptible to blood clots and excess cholesterol, it is also important to help them prevent these health issues. Turmeric has been known to lower down cholesterol levels in mammals. When their cholesterol is controlled and maintained, it can take some workload off from the liver. This ultimately prevents your dog from getting a stroke or heart attack.

Prevents Cancer
One of the most dreadful diseases your dog could suffer from is cancer. Just like humans, they experience a lot of discomfort, pain and are forced to adapt with lifestyle changes that they may never understand. The turmeric cancer benefits come from another biocompound called ar-turmerone. Proven to be effective in treating lymphoma at its early stages, it can inhibit the activity of proteins essential for cancer cell survival. This makes it a good natural remedy in preventing cancer cells from multiplying.

Other Uses of Turmeric
In addition to the three main health benefits of turmeric curcumin to dogs listed above, below are also some other notable benefits:

  • reduces gas pain and bloating
  • treats skin allergies
  • supports weight loss for obese dogs
  • helps with epileptic episodes
  • prevents formation of cataracts
  • improves gut health

How Do You Give Turmeric To Dogs?
Different dogs prefer different forms of turmeric. While some of them might be fine with licking turmeric powder off of a spoon, other can only take it when incorporated in their food. As a dog master, you may have to do some trial and error with your pets. You can probably mix them in gravy, dog treats, or milk.

You can also opt for turmeric supplements in capsule form. These are more potent as curcumin has already been extracted from the plant itself. There are many trusted pet supplement suppliers and you can buy from them. You can also find these products at online stores. Just make sure you buy from a reputable company to guarantee that quality standards are met. Get the 95% curcumin and don’t go beyond that dosage.

The question now is, how much turmeric to give your pooch? The amount of turmeric you can give your dogs is portioned to how much they weigh. If your dog weighs 1 lbs to 20 lbs, you can give them half or a whole capsule. If they weigh 20 lbs to 100 lbs, you can offer them 1 to 2 capsules per day. One tip to remember is that it is always better to start with a smaller dosage regardless of your dog's weight to prevent an upset stomach.

Author Bio:
Used by Permission, Katrina Rice
Katrina Rice is a mom, a freelance writer and has two 11-year-old golden labs. She strongly believes in the concept of holistic wellness through healthy and natural living, and using natural alternative treatments to help restore the animal’s health in its best shape. An animal-lover and a self-proclaimed health enthusiast, she hopes to inspire more people to do the same.

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