Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Snowy Day

"Me and Snow"
(c) Allen Pearson
Well, it finally happened. We got snow. And lots of it. I’m hoping my human will have some time today to go out and play in it. I love to chase the snowflakes and the snowballs!

My human and I have so much fun in the snow. But, that hasn’t always been the case. At first, I didn’t know what to think of it. All those white things falling from a dark gray sky and laying on the ground- there must be been gazillions of them. I went out the first time with my human but stayed in the garage as I watched him go out in it. It was awfully cold and all new to me, so I went back inside for awhile. My human understood as it was a period of adjustment for both of us, I’d only lived with him for a few months, maybe a year.
"Noah Playing In Snow"
(c) Allen Pearson

I went outside later to discover snow is a lot of fun. And, I wish it would snow all the time. My Dad tends to go outside and play fetch with me more on snowy days than other winter days. He says it’s because dogs can get easily lost in snow as they lose scents even their own which help to lead them home.  

Also, I discovered that snow is fun to eat! But, my human gets unhappy with me when I do this. He doesn’t mind my eating snow in my yard, but nowhere else, sometimes this is hard to remember since it all looks like whipped cream to me. But, since Dad doesn’t use chemicals on our property or the county sidewalks, I can eat the snow, play in it, whatever and I can even tackle Dad and knock him down into the snow! In other places, I have to leave it alone.

Dad and I will took our annual winter walk through the snow this morning- huge snowflakes were falling! I have to be careful walking on the snow-covered paths since Dad is old and all, I don’t want him falling down and busting something. Gotta love him though- he keeps going, I mean 50 isn’t an age to sneeze at. Imagining that in dog years is beyond comprehension. As we go on our walk, my human, again, tends to pay attention to me more than normal. Though I am never off leash when we walk, he pays attention to be sure I don’t accidently get off leash- as once again, I could get lost in the snow. And, being part Plott Hound, sometimes my instinct of chasing a wild animals scent gets me carried away. Of course, you know and I know that I am spoiled- so I’m not even remotely going to try to get away.

Dad puts my winter coat on as we head out. I was so hoping he would forget all about that and we’d just head on out- but he knows I am not used to these really cold days. However, I draw the line at wearing those boot things we saw at the store a few weeks ago at one of the shops we went to.

I share these tips as words of wisdom to my fellow canines and the humans they love and have to train so they too, can have a happy snow day.


Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

Snow is ok to look at but I sure hate going out to pee in it. I am kinda low to the ground BOL and it messes up my luxurious fur. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Allen Pearson said...

The snows we get around here sometimes rub my belly too- don't like that! Too cold. But, I still like to play with my human in it! RUFF!!!!! Noah