Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Friends - PetConnect Rescue

I love the weeks that I get to chat with "Cat Lady" from PetConnect Rescue. She does an excellent job caring for the cats- I know I mention this often, but I think she and her volunteers deserve a lot of credit. I know I couldn't do the job they do with cats each and every day!!

Used by Permission of PetConnect Rescue
"Cat Lady" has brought me Brook to introduce to you.  I'll let her do the introduction this week.

"Brook was born approximately November 23, 2012. Her sister Basha and her have already had many adventures even though we’re still pretty little. Right now they are staying in a “foster” home which is much nicer than the cage at the shelter.

They have lots of toys to play with, but Brook's absolute favorite is this crinkly ball thingy that’s oh so much fun to chase, especially when someone throws it in the air for me to catch! But best of all when she's done playing Brook love's to cuddle up next to my foster mom and purr as loud as I can so she knows how happy I am!

Is there a crinkle ball thingy at your house? Brook is healthy, am almost done with my vaccinations (yay) and always use the litter box. To meet Brook, please complete the Online Application and someone from PetConnect Rescue will call you."

"Brook and a Bow"
Used by Permission of PetConnect Rescue

Thank you to Cat Lady and PetConnect Rescue for supplying information for today's Friday's Friend.

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