Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Friend - Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.

Happy Friday!!  End of another work week, time for all good pet parents to spend some extra quality time with their pets!! If you are searching for a companion, I'd like to introduce you to two dogs who are looking for their "Forever Home."

Please meet Coco and Boxer from  Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc.,

"Coco and Boxer"
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These two are a bonded pair, buddies, friends, and must be adopted together!

Coco is a 9 year old spayed chocolate female who weighs 72 lbs and should lose 5-7 lbs. Boxer is an 8 year old neutered yellow male who weighs 87 lbs and should lose about 7 lbs. They are both up to date on their shots and heartworm negative. 

Sweet dog that are fully house trained and have full run of the house during the day, Coco and Boxer are good with cats and are approved for kids aged 2 and up.  Their exposure to other dogs is limited, but would do best with proper introductions, but are fine once they sniff a bit and get over the initial excitement.
"Coco and Boxer"
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Walking?  Coco is good on the leash while Boxer does better with an Easy Walk harness! They both know basic commands like sit, stay, and down. They love scratches and belly rubs.

Coco is the more serious retriever of the pair and prefers her bones in her crate where they can be just hers. Boxer and Coco eat out of the same bowl; Boxer is a perfect gentleman and lets the lady eat first. 

They both like to swim and doing so with their new family will help them lose some weight.

If you would like more information about Coco and Boxer, please visit, Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc., Adoption Info..

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Thank you to the Lab Rescue of the L.R.C.P., Inc., for supplying information for Friday's Friend.


Talking-Dogs said...

Methinks eating from the same bowl may be part of that chubby-problem ;-) Coco and Boxer are beautiful. I always wonder about the story behind older, bonded dogs who end up at a shelter :-( Sharing.

Allen Pearson said...

Hee Hee !! Ruff!!! They are aren't they! I always feel sorry for the older, bonded ones who end up at shelters- Dad and I were told a story of two dogs this happened too- the owners just decided to give them up. Two beautiful young dogs- it was sad. Thanks for sharing.