Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snowstorm On The Way! Dog and Cat Care Tips

(c) Allen Pearson
I just love my humans!! I always have, from day one to now, except for those times when Dad points his finger at me and says repeatedly, “No! No!” Well, maybe even in those times, but I can’t help it if mom or him leaves a book out and it looks good. Who cares if I tear a page after I’m done reading it, I’m not going to go back to it again- though my humans seem to have to interest in doing just that.

Anyway, we’re supposed to get a bad snow storm on Wednesday of this week. We could get rain, or we could get sleet but, for now, the weathermen are forecasting at least 5 inches of wet snow for the Northern Virginia area!! All winter, or at least the past few months, we’ve heard about storms just missing our area and heading north- now it might be our turn!

So, why do I love my humans? I heard them talking last night making sure I have enough stuff to survive the storm should it happen and if it went bad and we were stranded a few days- I would love being stranded with my humans for a few days. Dad likes to discuss these things out loud with mom, just in case he might miss something:
  • We've got plenty of dog food- enough to get through the next week! 
  • Do we have nutritious snacks? 
  • Do we have blankets ready in case of a power failure?
  • Do we have plenty of bottled water? (I’m allergic to water from the faucet.)
  • Do we have some “extra” toys or games ready to play in case we are inside the house for a day or so?
  • The emergency shelter closest to our house accepts pets.
    • Is the portable crate ready? 
  • Do we have towels by the front and back doors to inspect and clean off my paws when we come in? 
  • Are my tags on my collar? Are they clamped tight so they won’t fall off? 
  • Is the winter emergency items ready in the Forester in case we need to go somewhere?         

o   My pillow?
o   My Blankets?
o   Towels to clean off my feet?
o   Plastic container of food for a few days (2 meals a day).
o   Plastic container of treats for a few days.
o   My notebook!:
§  Photos of me!
§  Information Page about me and my human.  Info. about my veterinarian too.
§  Certificate of Vaccinations
§  Emergency contact information should I get separated from my humans (heaven forbid!!)
I think this is about it- but, it’s always subject to change.  And, yes, this might seem to be a little overkill but the area where we live is ever changing so we could get a little snow or a blizzard.  Either way, my humans are ready to take care of me and I, them.
"It's Snowing"
(c) Allen Pearson
The same preparations can be made for your cat too, with a few minor changes.

I’m secretly hoping and praying that we have a big storm but can stay home- I want to tackle my Dad in the snow and bury him.  Spend time playing with him in the snow before he gets too old to enjoy it- after all, he turns 50 in May!!  He'll be slowing down soon... hee hee hee..... RUFF!!

If you are in the path of the storm, be sure to prepare for yourself and your pets.  

Question:  What precautions do you take for your dog or cat before a snowstorm?  Please leave a comment below.


Talking-Dogs said...

Very good tips! Sharing.

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you- My human takes time to prepare for me and my care- we're great buddies! Noah

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

great tips! Hope you have power.......heard you are getting about a foot of snow? Thankfully the Detroit area dodged this one!

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you- Yes, we are expected to get about 8". We are just on the far east side of the center of the storm which is expected to get about 18". And, this is our first storm of any size this season! Looking forward to spring! Allen and Noah