Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Friend - PetConnect Rescue

I checked in on my friend, Cat Lady, from PetConnect Rescue to see how she liked our snow this week and she introduced me to one of her cat friends!

Used by permission of
PetConnect Rescue
Please meet Duchess!  WOW!!  She's about as white as the snow we had this week-  a beautiful cat!

Don't hate Duchess because she's beautiful -give her lots of love, instead!  Unbelievably, Duchess (born in January 2011) was tossed aside with her baby, Winnie, and they ended up in a rural shelter.

Duchess is a gorgeous girl who is friendly, sweet, and looks like a model! She is gentle and calm, which is quite fitting her regal appearance. 

She has a coat that is gloriously full and white with no tangles whatsoever. Duchess is healthy, up-to-date medically, and of course has excellent litter box manners. 

To meet this beauty, please fill out PetConnect Online Application and they will contact you!

Thanks to PetConnect Rescue for supplying information for today's Friday's Friend. 


Anonymous said...


You do get around!! So wonderful of you to try and find great homes for all your friends!!

Allen Pearson said...

Yeah,I keep busy doing these things while my human works on his photography. I love to help out my fellow cat or dog. Thank you for the compliment!