Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pupprotector- Be Seen At Night or Early Morning

My human and I take most of our walks in late evenings after dark.  We love walking- it's our quiet time together with no distractions!!   Depending on the time of year, our morning walks are in the dark too. We've had a few close calls with cars and a bicyclist. But, hey, we've also had trouble with people not paying attention in the daylight hours too! I remember one incident a few summers ago where a van came around the corner about the time we stepped off the curb. My human yanked me back and out of the way. That was a very scary moment for both of us!

Up to that moment and continuing now, my human and I stop at each intersection. I have to wait until my human says “OK” to cross or I am in big trouble. Even that, isn't fool proof! We have to be constantly on our guard in daylight or at night so we don’t get hurt.

It’s amazing to me and my human how people drive. If I had a license, I certainly would be careful and would not speed, well, at least not in residential areas or where there are a lot of humans and dogs!

Why am I barking about this? I want to "Ruff" your attention to an accident in California which has started a company.  Trevor Jensen from San Diego, California was walking his dog one evening. He realized the car coming down the street was not going to stop so he kicked his dog out of harm’s way. However, he got injured. And, unfortunately, it was a hit and run!

In America, there was 4,280 pedestrian accidents in 2010. WOW!! That is way to many accidents!!  There is an average of a pedestrian being hit every 8 minutes. Trevor Jensen has determined to address this issue by educating and spreading awareness of the problem through a company he created called,
"Pupprotector Collar"
Used by Permission of Pupprotector
Pupprotector is a collar and leash of ultra-bright LED lights.   The product is designed so that your dog will be seen at night or in the early morning hours.  You and your dog should be a bright spot on the walk, at the beach, on the mountain trails, in the city, and in the suburbs of the city, like where I live!!

Trevor Jensen turned to crowdfunding to raise the needed money for his campaign to raise awareness as well as get his company rolling.  He's determined to help other humans and dogs like me avoid an accident which could really hurt you.  
"Pupprotector Leash"
Used by Permission of Pupprotector
Check out his website, learn more about his product and ideas.   Be sure to watch his video produced and acted out by his dog.  We dogs are so great that I just don't know what humans would do without us!!  Anyway, I think he might be onto something......


Talking-Dogs said...

Excellent post about a very important safety issue! We use an LED collar, but it is NOT stylish like these. Love them! And love the story behind the company. Sharing.

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you Sue!! I'm liking the style of them too!! We haven't used an LED collar yet but are considering it. Thank you for sharing. Noah!

Northern Girl said...

I most certainly agree with Sue Kottwitz -- this is an excellent post about a very important safety issue! Since our road is so busy -- to the point of being dangerous even in the middle of the day -- I take Callie, Ducky, and Shadow out to the back yard to do their "business". And, with Callie needing special attention right now, she also gets her exercise in the back yard. On Sundays, if the weather is nice, I take Ducky and Shadow across the street and walk them through the field up to the next street and back again, sometimes making a detour at the ball field, just to give them some variety while hubby stays home with Callie. We can hardly wait until the surgeon says she can go for walks at the park again! (I feel guilty leaving her home alone!)
I don't have time right now to check out the pupprotector website, but I will soon. Right now, the girls all wear the best quality nylon collars I can find.

Deborah Taylor-French said...

Thanks for posting this about Pup Protector. His LED leashes and collars can save thousands of lives of dog walkers and their dogs.

One correction, 4,280pedestrians died in traffic crashes in 2010, while about 700,000 were injured from impacts from cars or trucks. We are getting close to a million walkers hurt by drivers every year in the USA.

So keep on shouting, "We need Pup Protectors NOW!"

Allen Pearson said...

Thanks Northern Girl for your comment and compliment. Glad to know you guys have a safe place to play, walk and take care of things- yeah, Pupprotector looks like a really cool product. Noah

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you for pointing out the "700,000" injured! That's terrible! We have quite a bit of trouble with that being a metro area. Some of it is education for walkers and drivers, some of it is "see and be seen!" Yes, "WE NEED PUP PROTECTORS NOW"!! Thank you for commenting, love hearing from my readers!!

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

Fantastic post! We also featured Pup Protector on Dakota's blog but your post was a ZILLION times better!
Barks and licks and love, Dakota

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you!! I pawed quite a bit over this one- barkingly one of my favorites!!! We enjoyed reading your post too- Paws and Barks!!! Noah!!

Prudence said...

Great information! We love our walks and it's so important that we be as visible as possible when out on our walks. Mom's going to check out Pup Protector's web site right now!

Allen Pearson said...

Thank you! Can't agree more- Thanks for commenting and checking out his site! Noah