Monday, March 25, 2013

Product Review: Toughhound All Sports Collar

 A few weeks ago, I got a package in the mail. I was surprised! I opened it to discover a beautiful red collar! It’s called a ToughHound All Sports heavy-duty dog collar and it was sent to me by

"Me with my New Collar"
(C) Allen Pearson
While Dad was taking it out of the packaging, I went to the company’s website and read about the product. It’s made of a highly durable polycoated nylon-webbing which makes it maintenance-free. That’s cool as I was really wearing out my other collar and I hadn’t had it long. While there, I surfed around the website as I like to learn as much as I can about a company. When I went to the “About Us” link, it didn’t work so I was a bit disappointed.

My human took the collar from the bag, twisted it several different ways, yanked and pulled on it as hard as he could to see if it was made well. He wanted to see if it would keep its shape and if it could easily tear as he is really picky what I wear.

Also, he pulled on it really hard to see if he could pull it apart. It maintained its shape really well. He took a close look at the area where the metal plate is attached to the rest of the collar and determined it was good too.

I took my old collar off and replaced it with this new one! I felt so handsome and snazzy as the red collar goes great with my black shiny fur. My human said it is a good color too, meaning colorful or rich in color. Sometimes when a red is made for collars, it’s faded and less vibrant. The company offers several other colors, black, brown, orange, pink, yellow, green, blue and red.

I’ve been out for several long walks showing my dog friends and other humans how good I look in my new collar. At the speed I walk, I was concerned it would fall off or come loose. My human wouldn’t take me to the wooded trails until he was sure it was going to work for us.

"See the Steel Plate?"
(C) Allen Pearson
I had to do my best to test the durability of it by doing my usual rolling around the yard on my back with it on. I got it a bit dirty but it cleans off really easily.

I have to say, my favorite feature of the collar is the stainless steel plate, located about the middle has my contact information on it. 
If I get lost or someone needs to take me to my humans or if I am in an accident with my humans the First Responders will know where I live. There are quite a few good reasons to have a collar like this!

Also, my human really likes the way the collar seems to "sit" or "fit" on me.  The ID tag, as shown in the photo above, seems to sit on top of my neck, instead of underneath. This allows me to be identified quicker.  If someone happens to be afraid of me, but wants to help, they can see the tag without putting their arm or hand near my mouth.  A smart design!

One concern I have is there is nothing in the envelope describing what the product is made of which could be a problem for someone. For example, if the collar was bought as a gift for someone and shipped directly to them, there isn’t anything in the package letting them know the materials. If the dog happens to be allergic to the material, there could be a problem. I happen to be very allergic to nylon, my fur falls out!

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