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How Long Do Yorkies Live?

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are highly energetic, intelligent and very playful dogs. This breed is friendly toward strangers and it is a good breed for families with older children. Many Yorkie owners or future Yorkie owners are probably wondering how long do Yorkies live. Yorkshire Terrier puppies generally live an average of 12 to 15 years. So this breed has a longer life expectancy than other breeds for two main reasons:
  • Toy breeds live longer than medium and large breed dogs.
  • The Yorkshire Terrier is in general a healthy breed. The majority of health issues a Yorkie can suffer are not fatal.
Trying to answer the question how long do Yorkies usually live, we are going to talk about the health problems which can affect the quality and length of the Yorkies lives: the leading causes of death and the steps you should follow to have a healthy dog with a lifelong expectancy.

Yorkie health issues. The leading causes of death for Yorkshire terrier puppies
Yorkshire Terrier puppies can suffer from different health issues like: bronchitis, easily upset stomachs, eye infections and tooth decay. They also tend to have spine problems and can easily herniate disks. Because of their small size, they have fragile bones, which can be easily fractured.

The toy-sized dogs weighed about 7 pounds. But there are also teacup Yorkshire terriers who weigh less than 4 pounds. There are any differences between how many years do Yorkies live and how long do teacup Yorkies usually live? The answer is positive, teacup Yorkies having additional health problems.

For Yorkie puppies who are under 1 year old, the most frequent leading causes of death are:
  • Infections: Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis.
  • Trauma.
For Yorkies who are 1 year or older, the health issues which can be fatal are:
  • Respiratory disease: Brachycephalic airway syndrome, Collapsed trachea, Pulmonary fibrosis. Collapsed trachea is very common with toy breed dogs and it can be fatal.
  • Cancer: A Yorkie’s life can be cut short by a variety of cancers including: lymphoma (a tumor of the lymph nodes), mast cell tumors (a form of skin cancer), mammary gland tumors, soft tissue sarcomas (these occur on the surface of the body and within body organs, then slowly grow and metastasize in the lungs and liver) and bone cancer.
  • Congenital disease: in this category are included all diseases and conditions that are present at birth. One of them is liver shunts. In the USA, Yorkshire Terrier puppies have a 36 time greater chance of developing liver shunts than all other purebred dogs together. The symptoms which are usually shown after 1 year old include: poor growth rates, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, excessive drooling, increased thirst, increased urination, and seizures. Finding a reputable Yorkie breeder is essential to avoid as much as you can congenital diseases.
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The steps you should follow to have a healthy Yorkie

When we are talking about how long do Yorkies live, we should also include the steps a Yorkie owner should follow to help the dog live as long as possible:
  • Keep up with the most important vaccinations. 
  • Prevent trauma – as a Yorkie owner, you should create a safe environment for this breed. 
  • Provide him proper dental care. 
  • Spay/neuter for both males and females. 
  • Feed your Yorkie with a healthy food. 
  • Maintain your dog’s life expectancy by regular exercise. 
  • Make regular vet visits. 
In conclusion, answering to the question how long do Yorkies live, a healthy Yorkshire terrier puppy will live up to 15 years if he is raised in the best conditions with the proper care and attention. It is also important to choose a good breeder to buy a Yorkie puppy. If bred poorly, teacup Yorkies often suffer from hypoglycemia and other health conditions.

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