Thursday, September 3, 2015

PetConnect Rescue: 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash!! - September 18, 2015

Used by Permission, PetConnect Rescue

ARF!! I paw to invite you to a celebration- a huge one, a great one!  A special party to celebrate 10 years of assisting dogs and cats to find "Forever Homes" and rescuing them from, sometimes, dire situations and other times owner surrenders and so on.

Dear to my pawing heart is PetConnect Rescue.  Someone somewhere gave money.  Someone somewhere gave time.  Someone somewhere had a passion for dogs. Someone somewhere had interest and curiosity.  These someones came together and found me on a list.  A list no one wants to be on. Period.  It's not the list I was on because I'm one hunk of a handsome dog!

When those someones came together from PetConnect Rescue they put into action along with some someones from Pilots 'n' Paws to take me and a pal off that list somewhere and bring me to the Washington D.C. area.
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Next thing I knew the someone's took me to this funny looking someone in a white coat who poked, prodded and did a few things that I didn't like to well, but it was supposed to be good for me and the someone I might live with.

Now, I thank all the someones involved in this part of my life.  I have gone on to live with my humans who love me and I love them- goodness knows, these two someones needed someone like me in their lives!  My human says I came along just at the right time.

Maybe you could be one of the someones that helps someone to find the right dog or cat through your donation and support- your support can come through items to be used at Muddy Paws  for the animals rescued. Financial donations are welcome too.

PetConnect Rescue is celebrating 10 years of helping all these someones with a fundraiser. Join them in their celebration-  to RSVP, please visit, PetConnect Rescue Birthday Bash 2015RSPV must be received by September 10!
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