Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Noah's Houndism's: Back to School!

I'm sad. arf.  Sad to see the school buses drive by the house.  All the children heading back to school for another year.  arf.

Children need their education so they can be successful in life but I sure miss all the laughter, cheering and even some of the screaming from all the playing going on in the neighborhood.

WOOF!  REMEMBER, you have a repawsibility to drive using extra caution when approaching school buses. A motorist must stop their vehicle when a school bus is stopped loading or unloading students. Pawsingly, you never know when a child might run out in front of you- especially the first few days of school when everyone is getting used to a new schedule.

ARF!!!  Leaving your dog at home when taking the mini-humans to the school bus stop is the safest idea.  The excitement around with the mini-humans getting on the school bus and the dog may cause distractions for you and the school bus driver causing safety issues.

BARK!  Don't forget to give your dog and cat extra attention over the next few days- they may feel lonely not having the children or they may be really happy- depending- WOOF!!  Have their favorite treats and toys happy and spend a few extra minutes with the pets. BARK!!

Flickr: Creative Commons, ThoseGoys119

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