Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cold Weather and Dogs and Cats

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It is way colder than what it needs to be!  WOOF!!! Doggie snot isn't supposed to freeze!  arf?

Our winter hasn't been too bad this year until this week, and pawsibly a few days last week.  Barkingly, local schools are a few hours late since it's so cold.

Today was the first day all season that I had to do this, I thought maybe my humans lost it in our move or maybe I was going to get away with not wearing it anymore- what am I referring to?  My winter coat.

I do not like my winter coat!

When my human first got me, he and mom saw me shivering in the winter's cold.  So, they bought me a winter coat.  I have to admit, I am warmer, but I feel really goofy.  Someone said I looked like a miniature horse.  WOOF!!

Some dog breeds, like the Siberian Husky or the Saint Bernard, handle the cold easier than, barkingly, the Chihuahua or Yorkie, pawsingly you need to bring your pet in on really cold nights and as it's not safe for them to be out.

With the extremely cold temperatures this week and a majorly huge snowstorm predicted for this weekend, I want to remind humans to take of their dogs and cats.

"The Winter Coat"
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Pay attention to bring your dog and cat in on these really frigid nights.  Though they have fur, they can still freeze!

If you notice your dog is shivering in the cold, immediately take him inside and contact your Veterinarian or the local Animal ER Hospital/Facility.  For me, it was the fact that I'd moved to a colder climate and I have short hair so the cold in Virginia can be brutal to me.  It wouldn't hurt to look into buying your furry friend a winter coat!

Boots?  I would chew them up and I think my human knows that, but you can buy boots for your dog to wear to keep his paws warm!

Speaking of paws, after you return from a walk, be certain to check your dogs paws for any problems that may have happened while walking- any cuts caused by ice?  Any chemical residue stuff?  Any ice lodged between the toes?  Gently wipe down your dogs paws after a walk to get any chemicals off before they lick them and ingest stuff which could make them sick.

One huge "no-no" is to allow your dog to run loose during a snowstorm. A dog can very easily get lost in a snowstorm because it cannot capture the scent to return home- especially during a heavy snowstorm.  Anyway, most jurisdictions around here have leash laws which should be obeyed.  Keep an eye on your dog in the backyard too- just in case they get to exploring and wonder off.

Barkingly, did you know that a car in the winter is about as dangerous for a dog as a car in the summer?  In the winter, the car become like a refrigeration unit, just keeps that cold in, and feels colder to me, but it can be very dangerous to leave your dog or cat in a cold car so leave them at home if you cannot take them in the store with you.

Be very pawful this cold winter season- pay particular attention to dog or cats specific needs.

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