Monday, January 4, 2016

Spay / Neuter Awareness Month

Noah's Houndisms

A topic which gives me pain to paw but must be done.

Having a dog or cat in your home means as the human, you need to have your pets spayed (removal of female reproductive organs) or neutered (removal of male reproductive organs)- OUCH! Arf?!.


  • To assist with the population control of unwanted pets.
  • It reduces the numbers of unwanted pets euthanized at shelters.
  • Altered pets live longer and healthier lives than unaltered pets.
  • Spaying or neutering does not change the pets personality, playfulness or general activity.
  • Reduces the risks of health issues in male and female pets. 
  • Improve the quality of life as part of a human family.
  • Helps prevent excessive barking, roaming, embarrassing mounting of friends and furniture or other items, aggressive behavior, scent marking and escaping.
  • Cost efficient as it can reduces Veterinarian expenses up to 400% as compared to an un-spayed or un-neutered dog. 
Now that this painful moment of memories, however accurate they are is over, we return to my favorite blogging of humor and facts and exciting things to do- please stay turned.  I need to get the memories out my mind so I can continue! WOOF!!!!!!!!

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