Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday's Friend: Rabbit Adoption, Animal Rescue League of Arlington

WOOF!  Happy Friday!!! Hope you've had a pawsome week.  I know commutes have been really frustrating this week after our historic snowstorm last weekend. BUT, barkingly, it's FRIDAY!  The weekend will be here soon!!

Weekends are meant to spend with family, dogs, cats, pets and friends.  Barkingly, my friends at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington introduced me to a rabbit which may make a great pet for you!  WOOF!!! OOPS- hope I didn't scare it away!

Meet Christopher Rabbit-

"Christopher Rabbit"
(C) Animal Welfare League of Arlington
Christoper Rabbit is an 8 month old, small Black and White Dutch Rabbit.

Christopher Rabbit is quite the character!  WOOF!!  He draws visitors at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington like a magnet!

Small and adorable does not mean he's passive and cuddly.  A very active little boy, Christopher is a bold and can become very wiggly when being held and will not hesitate to give a little nip to tell you to put him down or to "move over, I need to get around you."

Christopher Rabbit is not a good choice for young children or for those who do not understand his assertive behavior.  Pawsingly, Mr. Rabbit will bring joy and delight to a rabbit-savy family who will give him the space and attention he needs.  WOOF!!!

Interested in meeting Christopher Rabbit and learning about rabbit adoption, please contact the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

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