Monday, January 4, 2016

Noah's Houndism's: Undecorating the House

Now, the fun part of the holiday season, un-decorating.

If you haven't done so already, its probably time or past time to put away all the Christmas decorations, front yard decorations, and any other holiday decorations you've had up for the past month!

Remember to be careful with tinsel, glass ornaments, hooks, anything that your dog or cat could get into, play with, possibly swallow, and get hurt.  Not a good thing.

My humans love to have me around while they are un-decorating.  They usually keep one of my string toys or a few boxes around for me to play with.  Of course, Dad has to still keep a close eye on me- he knows my mischief behaviors.

Meowingly, I know my cousin, who is a pure bred cat, likes to play with anything and everything that shines, shimmers and glistens- so my favorite aunt has to keep him busy or in another room when they undecorate.  Meowsters!


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