Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Beauty of Dogs and Terminal Patient Relationships

Is there anything that makes our hearts sink more than getting dreaded bad news from the doctor’s office? Imagining the prospects of spending the rest of our days in a hospital bed getting injections, running tests and eating bad hospital food… not the happiest pictured ever painted is it?
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The unhappy truth for many people in this world, young or old, is that terminal illness has struck.  It’s hard to keep a cheery disposition…and really who can blame them.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be the life of the party when stuck in bed all day everyday either.

There are visitors however, that make all the difference in the lives of these unfortunate people: Man’s best friend….dogs.

Furry Therapy
We are now more and more aware of different programs such as animal-assisted therapy, or zoo therapy, but why is it that it works?

Let’s think back to those unfortunate patients that lie in bed, without much to look forward to in their day.  Yet, just one look into those deeply adoring eyes of a furry friend gives an instant moral boost.  All of the sudden a smile creeps up on their faces.

Unconditional love that comes from a dog is inevitably going to pierce sadness.   Their inborn happiness seems to overflow and spread to those around them.  Who could deserve warm and loving furry hugs more than terminal patients?

Dog Super Heroes
Dogs are very special to all of us.  Yet we tend to underestimate the power they can have on us.  How many times have we watched funny dog videos that made us laugh out loud? How many times have we been crying and the dog comes to comfort us? Who is the first to greet you when you walk in the door?

Completely humble and motivated by pure love and desire to please, dogs all over the world use their powers for us to be happy.

In the world of terminal patients, these loving creatures become more like super heroes.  They walk in illuminating the room, bringing joy and happiness with them.  Creating an atmosphere of  'anything is possible in this moment.'

Nothing else seems to matter but the desire to pet and hug this beautiful visitor. These furry heroes provide much needed physical and psychological therapy all in one.

The smile on a child’s face grasping the hair of his beautiful visitor is absolutely priceless.  The glittering eyes of an elderly women upon seeing her faithful friend walk in the room, is so beautiful.  Each and every case is a miracle to say the least.  An instant connection or bond without words: soothing, loving and joyful.

Love Your Dog
I say this with all the conviction in my body: Love your furry friends!  Just think how grateful we should be to have this loving friend by our side everyday.  When we realize the impact they have on us, just like they do for terminal patients, it’s not hard to see that they deserve our gratitude and love in return.

They give us their very best, so we should do the same for them.  Care for them and make sure they can live happy and healthy lives.  Touching the lives of so many people around them without ever saying a word.  Keep them, cherish them and love them always.

About the Author:
Suzanne Simard- is part of the family, a growing enterprise focused on achieving optimal animal health naturally.  She has loved animals all her life and now is happy to devote her time and efforts to helping others improve their animal’s quality of life.

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