Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Dog Trainer with a Heart of Gold and Special Olympics

Used by Written Permission
I love to paw humans as much as I can. If I can paw my Dad at least 100 times, I've had a successful day.  I don't paw Mom much, as she is the pawfect Angel!  WOOF! No, she did not give me a biscuit to say that!  barks! 

Now, I have the pawportunity to send a human off the top of a building- here's what I am pawing about from a human I love and respect - Dee Bogetti, Service Dog and Trainer:
"It's rare that I ask folks to donate to a particular cause. But I'm doing that now. I've worked with so many special needs children in the last couple of years that the Special Olympics has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Here's why ...
Nikki was diagnosed with Autism at age 9. Her siblings excelled at gymnastics. She didn’t. Special Olympics makes kids like Nikki smile. And that touches my heart.
Used by Written Permission
 Nikki’s mom continues her story: “Nikki came to the realization that everyone improved in gymnastics except her. She came running out of practice one day telling me that she would never go back. It was a sad day for this mom. Then I found Special Olympics.”
During her first track and field competition, Nikki won a gold medal and qualified for the Summer Games. She came off of the field and said to her mother: "Mom, I got a REAL gold medal, one that you EARN, not a medal that they just give to everyone! This is my BEST day EVER."

And that made it her mom’s best day ever. “She has often struggled to have a genuine smile and eye contact in pictures, but as you can see in this one, Special Olympics has brought out her inner happiness and a real, genuine smile.
Let's help Dee to raise funds-
"Your push to help me raise $1,000 for Special Olympics will send me careening off a 40-story building in downtown Richmond. I’m raising that $1,000 to make sure the next little girl or little boy like Nikki will have the opportunity to earn their very own gold medal. And smile that magical smile. Click here to donate today!"
When I hit my $1,000 goal, I'll find out what time I'm going over the edge and let everyone know. I'd love to have folks (and their dogs, of course) cheering me on!
Thank you for considering making a donation."
If you would like to learn more about the "Over the Edge Richmond" benefiting Special Olympics in Virginia, please visit their page here!

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