Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday's Friend! #Dog Adoption, Homeless Animals Rescue Team

Happy Friday! WOOFs! BARK! BARK!  For me, every day seems like Friday or a holiday because  my human works for me at home!  He turns on the computer so I can work.  Barkingly, I help with his photography work and his blog!  We both enjoy writing, photographing and sharing about dogs and cats! 

We love having friends like Homeless Animals Rescue Team stop by with one of their dogs for us to meet, this is Suzie! 

(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team
Suzie in one pawsome gal- a 7 year old Hound mix- is very mild-mannered and quiet- so quiet that her foster has to look around for her to be sure she is there- she's that quiet.  She takes a few meds and has 4 eye meds per day.  

Suzie gets bathed twice a week in Malaseb shampoo.

She gets along well with other dogs, cats and mini-humans.  

If you are looking for a low maintenance dog, Suzie might be the gal for you.  

Have further questions about Suzie?  Please contact Shira

Interested in applying to adopt Suzie?  Please complete the Homeless Animals Rescue Team Adoption Application.  

Interested in helping Suzie with care provided by Homeless Animals Rescue Team?  Consider sponsoring here by visiting Sponsor a Pet!

(C) Homeless Animals Rescue Team

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