Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday's Friend! Cat Adoption, Paws for Seniors

Bengal? Really?  Makes me want to go out the front down and down the street or better yet, get into Dad or Mom's car and go somewhere else.

My friend at Paws for Seniors brought a cat by this week and said she thinks it's part Bengal. I that Tiger and did not want to open the gate.  But, then. when I looked out and up, it wasn't there, I looked down, there he was Roscoe- an incredibly cool male cat pawsibly mixed with Bengal.  Paws, so he's not Bengal Tiger-

(C) Paws for Seniors

Roscoe is a social butterfly who is good with cats, dogs, mini-humans and humans! He is friendly and loves to share kissed with all- BARKS! er, Meow!  HE likes meeting new humans too. 

Someone took his front claws away, like he doesn't know what to do with them!  He is is house trained.  He wants to be an indoor only cat! 

Roscoe's is moderately active with a moderate energy level which means he's moderately a handful- barks!!  
An excellent cat for a pawsome human.  

Interested in meeting Roscoe?  Please visit Paws for Seniors and complete the Adoption Application

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