Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday's Friend! #Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

My friend "Lab Lady" came by this week.  She and her volunteers exhausted but barking, yapping, arfing, and carrying on like the crazy humans they are!  Yes, really!  Lab Rescue had a pawsome week finding Labrador Retrievers loving humans and "Forever Homes!"  I think they had around 24 or so adopted this week!  PAWS to You!

This week, I would like for you to meet Midnight!  He is a 1-year-old Black Labrador Retriever!

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.
Midnight is a good old-fashioned country boy who has no experience with city life so he's looking for a "Forever Home" in a single-family house in a suburban neighborhood or rural area! He would love a yard to run around in and explore!

Midnight is quite the Velcro Lab- he loves being with humans! He loves being petted and wants attention- as much as you will give to him!  WOOFs!

Midnight and his foster's dog were left alone in the house without being crated and didn't get into anything he wasn't supposed to! PAWS to YOU MIDNIGHT! WOOFs!

While Midnight is startled by sudden moves, he just backs off and watches for a bit then comes up to you again.

Toys are becoming an interest to him and he's learning what is so exciting about chasing a ball!

Midnight knows basic commands like "sit," "down," and "come."  He hasn't been on a leash much but is good on an Easy Walk Harness! Since he is a young pups, he will have a training addendum when adopted!   as he is a young dog. Crate trained may be house trained as waits to go until he is outside!

BARKS!  I think he would like to go swimming as he's always trying to get into the water dish to play!

Midnight is good with other dogs and with cats. He is recommended for mini-humans ages 10 years and older.

See Midnight play at: Midnight playing!

Interested in  meeting Midnight and learning about dog adoption?  Please visit Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P. Inc.!
"Midnight in His Swimming Pool!"
(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

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