Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday's Friend! Dog Adoption, Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc.

Happiness is a warm puppy.  Happiness is Chocolate- a Chocolate dog, NOT a piece a chocolate candy as that could be lethal for the dog.  Chocolate a most beautiful name for a most beautiful dog!

My friend "Lab Lady" from Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. came by this week with the most pawsome friend for you to meet- a Chocolate Labrador Retriever named, well, "Chocolate!"

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. 

A 2-year-old guy who is enjoying his new life at his foster's home.  He was a stray to a shelter where Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. found him!

He loves playing with his foster sister and the newly discovered dog toy basket. He was so excited to take them out and parade around the house! He enjoys going to the dog park. When I was a younger lad, I would have loved to have met Chocolate as he would have given me a run my doggie treats!  He is full of energy, exuberance, and personality.  He loves attention from humans!  We'd had a great time playing, but I digress.  WOOF!!

With his high energy level and playfulness, he will need a backyard with a fence or frequent trips to the local dog park.  He is quite the social character and is curious about everything.  He is, like me a pawfect velcro Lab!! He went hiking with his foster humans at Great Falls Park and met tons of humans and dogs- he loved meeting everyone! WOOFS!

Like any young Labrador, and most other puppies, he will need continued training so he can be the puppy he was meant to be!  He is a fast learner, motivated to learn and very smart! He remembers everything which is truly a pawsome blast!

He loves to cuddle in a small ball and will protest a bit having to go in his crate.  He settles soon.  He'd much prefer sleeping on the couch at night and will reward you if you allow him!  WOOFs!  BARK!

Here is a video of Chocolate at an adoption event, Chocolate!

Chocolate is good with mini-humans 1o years of age and older.  He is good with other dogs but has no history with cats.

Interested in meeting Chocolate?  Please complete the Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc., Adoption Application.

(C) Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. 

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