Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Paws for Purple Hearts - Warriors Helping Warriors

"Chuck at Shortpump Mall"
(C) Paws for Purple Hearts
Barkingly, I love sharing about dog adoption and how dogs have a pawsome influence on society, or, actually, the universe! After all, gotta share our goodness! WOOF!
"Chuck at Poplar Springs Hospital"
(C) Paws for Purple Hearts

I recently caught up with a gentleman who I met several years ago at a conference. He was really cool and great to catch up with.  I'd like to share with you about an organization which uses dogs to help humans!

"Paws for Purple Hearts (www.paws4ph.org) programs make a difference every day by dramatically improving the lives of our nation’s active duty service members and veterans facing service-related challenges such as post-traumatic stress (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI) and mobility impairments. The Paws4PH Service Dog Program, in partnership with the widely-acclaimed Bergin University of Canine Studies, starts with meticulously bred, lovingly raised, and thoroughly trained service dogs.  When fully trained, each service dog is paired with its ideal Warrior recipient using Bergin University’s scientifically rigorous service dog matching methodology.  Warrior and service dog meet during Paws4PH Service Dog Training Camp, a boot camp where they learn to work and live together as a team while forming a lifelong bond.  Our disciplined process ensures a successful, lasting, and effective partnership for each Warrior and service dog pair.
(C) Paws for Purple Hearts

Paws for Purple Hearts offers the Paws4PH Canine Therapeutic Intervention Program, a proven method for significantly and swiftly reducing the severity of PTSD symptoms.  This program involves Warriors with PTSD participating in puppy and adult service dog training, all while under the close and caring supervision of our highly skilled, Bergin-trained specialist dog trainers and handlers.

In addition, Paws for Purple Hearts offers the Paws4PH Dog Obedience Training Program. Open to service members, veterans and their families, our highly qualified, Bergin-trained dog trainers work with Warriors and their own personal or family dogs to improve the quality of their relationships.
Paws for Purple Hearts is the world’s only service dog organization for wounded service members, veterans and their families that partners with the prestigious
"At the Game!"
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Bergin University of Canine Studies (www.berginu.edu).  Bergin University provides all Paws for Purple Hearts service dogs and trainers.  Founded and led by the famous canine researcher and inventor of the service dog concept, Dr. Bonnie Bergin, Bergin University is the first and only program in the world that focuses on training dogs and canine research.  Through its unique mission is to advance human-canine studies, it produces the world’s best dog trainers and handlers and breeds the highest quality service dogs in the world.

While all services are complimentary to service members, veterans, and their families, Paws for Purple Hearts is a non-profit organization that relies on the enormous generosity of both volunteers and donors."

"Sadie it Up Poplar Springs"
(C) Paws for Purple Hearts
Barkingly pawsome work- I love when dogs help humans have a better life.  Whether it's as a Service Dog, Therapy Dog or a pet.  We are pawsome.

If you would like to support the work of Paws for Purple Hearts, they have an Amazon Wish List that shares supplies they need to fulfill their mission.

Barkingly, financial donations are a pawsome way to support their work too!  To learn how to make a donation, please visit Paws for Purple Hearts!

"Dogs at Work"
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