Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Product Review: SnapLeash

"Noah Using SnapLeash to Supervise His Human"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
WOOF!!  Barking pawsome is the pawvilege I have to review products created for dogs! SnapLeash is one of those and I am loving this product!!!

Why? The barkingly bright color makes it so easy for others to see. When I go with my human to do yard work at the church, instead of being concerned my leash being run over by the lawn guys or someone tripping over it, they can see it well before they mow where I am leashed. WOOF!

Barkingly, the same is true at home.  The bright red color makes it pawsome to see when my human is mowing the yard, trimming the bushes or even walking around me to weed the next flower. Pawcellent as I LOVE to be with my human whatever he does!

The SnapLeash is easy to leash me and to a stationary object like a tree or the light post by the sign at church.  It's a pawsome way for me to go places with my humans lessening the load of carrying a post and a hammer to set up my other leash.

Want a shorter leash sometimes, while others you want it longer? A pawsome feature of this leash is the ability to use huge eyelets to adjust it. Or, need to tie to a larger object to want to use, like an old Oak tree, not a problem with SnapLeash.

The most pawsome feature of the product is how easy it is to roll up or fold up and carry places.  My human has been using another product over the years which isn't quite as easy or convenient to carry, not as portable.   SnapLeash makes taking me places much easier with less "stuff" to carry!  WOOF!!  BARK!!

Be certain to never leave your dog tied with any leash outside unsupervised or in the cold or hot weather.  This tool is designed to help the human and dog have more fun together.

SnapLeash makes a pawsome Christmas present for the dog lover in your life!

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