Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

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It has been one pawsome year- one that means the best is yet to come though it's barking hard to imagine life getting any better!

Why am I so happy?  Plenty of reasons to be thankful which makes me happy!  For one, I am pawsitively barkingly woofing happy that Dad retired from his full-time job last year to become a full-time- "Pet, Walk, Feed, the Dog-Type Human!" It's pawsome to have him home with me. I am thankful for the longer walks, car rides, our chats about life, their adoring of me, delicious meals, a warm bed, their warm bed, and treats and for the opportunity to write for the Fairfax County Times.

And, I am woofly thankful for the piece of ham Mom accidentally drops every Thanksgiving for me to have- don’t tell her I know as I look forward to it every year.

My humans are thankful for their most pawsome dog. me, who came into their lives at the right time, because I am a most pawnderful, energetic, fun loving puppy (at 9-years-old), a great companion, who loves playing and making them laugh and has always been there when they are down and has gotten them through 5 funerals in row. WOOF!!! I made Mom a dog person! BARK! WOOFs!  What can I paw?  Or, even bark!

Barkingly, I am thankful for my most pawsome Uncle Ed who stays with me at my place whenever my human's travel and I cannot go with them. Don’t tell my humans, but I love spending time with him. We have a pawsome time playing fetch, running 5-mile laps, going out to the local pizza place and the list goes on-

Barkingly, I am thankful for my pawsome readers! I appreciate your barks, meows, and paws! I enjoy chatting with you about dog and cat adoption and whatever else I can find.

I am especially thankful and pawed for all the volunteers who dedicate time, resources and attention to dog and cat adoption. I cannot list them all as there is not enough space and I might miss someone. A lady took the time to rescue me, and now, two humans are very happy and love having me around. WOOFS!

Pawlease share in the comments about what you are thankful for!

(C) GraphicStock, Used by Permission

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