Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Railroads, Train Watching, Dogs, and Railroad Safety

"CSX Train"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

WOOF!  An unusual post, I know, but my human and I have quite a bit of fun together and while doing so, we've seen some people do "not-so-smart-stuff," nothing unusual I digress. Barks!

Not too long ago, when traveling with my human, I learned he is as strange and crazy as his friends have said.  At first, I wanted to bite them, but since I like to hear other opinions- I thought I'd pay attention and learn-

Did you know trains can terrify a dog? As in railroads and diesel engines pulling coal cars and freight cars and even cars with humans looking out their windows as if you can't see them- can terrify a dog?  WOOF!! BARK!!!! arf.

"CSX Coal Train in WV"
(C) Allen Pearson. All Rights Reserved
My human didn't either.  He learned, though- not the hard way, thanks to Mom, but he learned.  We were staying at his 2nd cousin, 3 times removed to the second power of the third uncle and second aunt of the great grandmother's sister who happens to live by a busy railroad.

All of a sudden, the floor starts to vibrate, I hear a rumbling noise, there's a horn sounding in the distance, dishes rattle, pictures on the walls start shaking, one of the relatives teeth starting rattling and fell out- again, the floor vibrates more, my human bolts to the door with my leash yelling, "TRAIN! TRAIN! TRAIN!" reminiscent of his early days when his brother would run to see the trains roaring by his grandmothers house...  and me in tow...... I resist as I think it's an earthquake ..... since I went through one of those alone a few years ago.... WOOF!  I held tight to the floor to keep myself safe and away from danger- the roaring and screeching noises getting louder and louder coming from the front of the house!  BARKS!!!  A loud noise sounding like a horn makes itself known throughout the mountains as it echoes.  Thankfully, my mom is the smart human here and grabs the leash from my dad letting him watch the train and me, be safe and sound. arf. I laid down next to mom and rolled my eyes. arf.

"CSX Going Through West Virginia"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
We stayed with family and met some friends over the next several days.  As we did, more and more trains came by and I got used to the noise- from a distance.  I never got near the tracks, do not plan to nor will I ever do it.

Why?  For one, it is illegal to walk the railroad tracks.  While plenty of humans do it, that doesn't make it right.  Barkingly, two young humans, in love, were walking the tracks and didn't hear the train coming and well, you can probably guess.

Not too long back, my human and I went to watch trains.  We sat at a safe distance at this legal location for about two hours and didn't see a train.  Barkingly, we saw a man walking his dog on the tracks about a half mile from us- not a safe idea.  The noises and horrendously loud squeals a train makes are disturbing to dogs- enough to cause us to bolt and be crazy in doing it.

BARKS!  Stay off the tracks!  Keep your dog off the tracks and away from them.  If loose, your dog could decide to chase the wheels of the train!   WOOF!!

Barkingly, it is illegal for anyone to walk the railroad tracks!

For more information about Railroad Safety, please visit Operation Lifesaver!

Used by Permission of Operation Lifesaver

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