Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#Giving Tuesday - Support Local Dog and Cat Rescues!

WOOF! BARK!!  The humans have had Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now it's time for #Giving Tuesday!

Do you love dogs and cats?  Do you love the work the local rescues do to help dogs and cats find "Forever Homes" and humans to love and well, uh, make humans so much happier because they have dogs or cats in their lives- in some cases both?  WOOF!!!! and, MEOWS!!!!!!

Not all the work these pawsomely wonderful humans do with dogs and cats isn't free.  While some human donate their time, there are many expenses related to dog and cat rescue.  Food, treats, Veterinarian visits, medical, transportation, supplies like leashes and collars or beds and crates can cost money.  Sometimes these items are donated or given at reduced cost, but there is still an expense.

If you would like to help these barkingly pawsome dog and cat rescues, please consider donating to them today- here are a few suggestions!

Pawlease visit Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) Giving Tuesday!

Pawlease visit Lab Rescue of L.R.C.P., Inc. Giving Tuesday!

Pawlease visit Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League!

Pawlease visit Operation Paws for Homes Giving Tuesday!

Pawlease visit Prince William Humane Society Giving Tuesday!

Used by Permission of SemperK9

Pawlease visit SemperK9 Giving Tuesday! 

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