Monday, October 28, 2013

5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cat Squeaky Clean

As a general rule, cats are considered to be pets that are clean. With this in mind, however, it is easy for pet cat owners to forget that they do have a role when it comes to their cat's hygiene. This becomes especially true when your pet cat seems to be doing just fine by herself each and every day.
As the proud owner of a pet cat, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Do you know how to groom your cute  little cat?  Yes, there are several things that you can do for your wonderful housemate.  Here’s a rundown of a hygiene habit.  Your pet should have a regular brushing, bath, trimming of nails, brushing of teeth, cleaning around the eyes, and cleaning inside the ears.  Sounds like a lot, right?  Not really.  As a general rule, humans do pretty much the same thing everyday and it doesn’t take much time so long as it’s part of our routine.  So make your pet feline’s hygiene a habit and before long, it’ll become a custom that you both can’t do without. 

Cleaning Sensitive Ears
Cats’ ears are sensitive so this is the first place you need to focus on.  A regular gentle swipe of baby oil or water on the outer and middle layer weekly will keep your pet’s ear clean. 

Nail Trims
Trimming of the nails can be a tedious task but it has to be done.  Special nail cutters for cats are available at the groomer’s store or vet.  Trim nail just after the skin grows and you are safe.  Trimming all the way will induce bleeding.  This is painful for your kitty and will make the next trimming session difficult.  If you’re unsure, have a professional groomer do the job.  Once a month will do. 

Feline Teeth
Your pet will also need their teeth cleaned monthly because cats are prone to plaque.  Toothpastes for cats should be used.  Brushing the front teeth one at a time is all that is needed.  Your pet’s tongue will take care of the backside. 

Damp Eyes
If your cat is prone to having wet eyes, a daily gentle dab around the eye area to remove dampness will do.  Though cats lick themselves constantly, that doesn’t mean a bath isn’t needed, especially if your cat has a tendency to wander off.

Bathing and Brushing
Bathing your kitty twice a month with a cat shampoo will be needed.  And lastly, a regular brushing will help your pet maintain a beautiful coat of fur.  

About the Author:  StevenPerissinotto is a passionate pet lover and a pet health professional. Since establishing Vet Shop Online with his veterinary surgeon brother in 1999, Steven has helped establish the business in to one of the world's leading online retailer of frontline plus cats.

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