Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Summer Vacation - Blackwater Falls, WV

"Our Cabin at Blackwater Falls, WV"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved
I've been howlingly busy since we got home from our family vacation and am just now sitting down to share it with you. Barkingly, a great time, probably the best we've taken so far.

On a Monday morning in late August, my humans began packing and putting stuff together for another trip. This time, it appeared they were driving somewhere- I got to sit in the garage and the family room and watch them pack. I solemnly watched them as they gathered clothes, pillows, CD’s, books, magazines- they are certainly taking a lot of stuff with them- when they drive they tend to do that!

Well, when they finished loading the car- Dad came over to me and said, “Are you ready to go?” I was like, “Yeah, I’m ready let’s go!!!” I practically jumped into my car seat harness and put it on myself- Dad almost fell down and Mom was laughing really hard!

Dad straps me in and off we go- have no idea where- and I really don’t care since I am with my humans and they are what matters most- I see all my stuff, pillow, banky, treats, toys, travel crate, food, bottled water, comforter, water and food bowls are all packed in boxes around me- appears Dad didn't forget a thing- he really good about remembering things for me on a trip- but sometimes forgets his own stuff! RUFF!! Mom usually has to remind him.

I have no idea which way we went or what road we took –I just stretched out in the backseat and figured my humans would tell me what I need to do next. About two hours or so into the trip we stopped to let me stretch and mom and dad have lunch. Then, it was on to our destination.

We went over the river and through the woods, not to grandmothers did we go, but down roads and around the bends and up the hills, and back down, we’re in West Virginia! We arrive at Blackwater Falls State Park just in time to check in and have dinner!

The drive to our cabin was absolutely beautiful- trees everywhere and deer in the field-snack for later, ooops, excuse me- When we got to our cabin which was set off the road abit, I knew I was in heaven! So, maybe West Virginia really is “Almost Heaven.”

"A Deer on the Mountain"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

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