Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Upcoming Product -The Dog Ring

Credit: Dog Ring, Used by Permission
I recently got an email about the Dog Ring is nearing production stage- barkingly pawsome as I can think of several ways to use it on my human, oops, I mean my human use it on me or with me.  WOOF!!!

"Me at Green Team at Church"
(C) Allen Pearson
The Dog Ring will be a cool product for someone who wants to take their dog places and have more flexibility than they would with a leash and this could prove to be less dangerous too. An example, I love going to the Green Team with Dad at church.  Normally, when he takes me, he hooks my leash to a tree or a light fixture so he can work in an area.  Sometimes I get so excited
to see and be petted by the other Green Team members that my leash gets wrapped around the tree or light fixture.

"Dog Ring"
Credit: Dog Ring, Used by Permission
The Dog Ring will prevent me from getting tangled around an object and it will give Dad more peace of mind since he won’t have to watch me every second- the Green Team Leader will love Dad finally getting some work done! WOOF!!!!  Also, he won’t have to move my leash nearly as often since I’ll be able to see him from many angles.  

Another use for us will be when Dad is gardening in the front yard of our house.  Now, he uses a spike that goes into the ground and he ties my leash to it so he can work without worrying about me taking off after another dog or even a grouchy old human for that matter. 

"Dog Ring"
Credit: Dog Ring, Used by Permission
Usually he has to move me several times so we can work in the yard together.  Now, with the Dog Ring, he plans to put it around a tree and I’ll be able to follow him around the yard easily. The sturdy construction is important since it will keep me from getting loose and near the street.  

Barkly pawfect, am woofing to being able to do a product review so I can give you more detail!

Opinions written herein this post belong to me the Pawthor, Noah, and no one else.  I have pawed my opinions and thoughts as requested by the founder-creator-owner of Dog Ring!  RUFF!!!

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