Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Government Shutdown from The Dogs View

"U.S. Capitol"
Credit: Ralf Roletschek, Commons Wikimedia

I’m getting really tired of hearing about a government shutdown and how these people that the humans pay cannot seem to agree on a balanced budget. It doesn't matter which political party is or isn't doing something but it appears they are worse than children. I don’t understand what they’re problem is except that they need to sit down and do their jobs to represent ALL the people and not just their select few.

As a dog, I must do my job as the world for my humans would fall apart. I am an integral part of the workings of the home and the budget.

For instance, I am on security detail 24/7/365 with a few breaks when the humans are around- even then, I am on alert! It’s my responsibility to make sure the humans are safe, the property is secure, the cars are secure and the house is too. I watch the property for any unusual activity including politicians who like to knock on the door on Sunday afternoons when my humans are relaxing! At night, I am especially alert for any unusual sounds or activity that shouldn’t go unnoticed. I give absolute top notch security service! Homeland Security pales in comparison! If my humans were to pay for the service, it would cost them plenty. I get paid in food, treats, water, belly rubs, shelter and pets.

Another example, I am responsible for exercising my humans, especially the old guy! RUFF!! I must get him up every morning and take HIM for a walk. He thinks it’s about me, but it’s really to walk HIM- can’t have him getting fat on me. I bring my toys to him when he gets home for us to play- he gets a few minutes to rest but only if it’s spent petting me! Instead of a personal trainer, he has me which is 100% better than another human!!

If I didn't do these jobs, their budget would go out the window! And, they would have to do something to balance it- they can’t keep spending and spending and spending without a balance budget. Why do the humans in Washington do it?

AND, if I didn't do these jobs, it wouldn't be fair to the others in my household as they pull “their own weight” in chores and stuff- so should I! Or, they could replace me and I wouldn't want that- of course, replacing me would impossible though….. RUFF!!!! Or, I shouldn't get paid, but why do the humans get paid, they don’t make sense!
"View of the White House from the
Washington Monument"

Credit: Nilington, Commons Wikimedia

So, why are the people in Washington DC doing this? How can they operate a government without a budget? And, why do they let the people who can’t do their jobs to balance the budget, keep their job? And, of course, when I ask this question, I get all kinds of answers from humans blaming the other party or the president. Blame games is what got them in this mess to start with.

When I was a young pup, my momma told me there would be days and times that I would not get my way 100% of the time. I must learn to comprise and to share. After the years, I have done just that. She did say too, that comprise needs to be from both sides not just the one and don’t be going around blaming everyone else, Bush left the White House in 2008- he’s done, you must take firm stand and action.

I want to drive down to Washington and bark! or woof! about comprise and learning to share your toys to the leaders there but my humans don’t want me driving in rush hour traffic!

"Evening Rush Hour"
Credit: Commons Wikimedia

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