Monday, October 14, 2013

Frugal Dog Care Tips

(C) Allen Pearson
Having a dog doesn't have to cost every cent that you have if some time is taken to think ahead, plan, and prepare. If you do everything in a haphazard manner, then, of course, you can end up paying more than should have, such as stopping at an "upper end store" for something you could have bought cheaper elsewhere. I am writing these frugal tips as requested by dog bark collar.
(C) Allen Pearson
  • Food is a hot topic these days with several recalls and the competition growing almost daily it seems. Food is very important source of energy and health for your dog just as it is for a human. If you feed him junk, then so will his health be. Try to feed him the best food you can afford to purchase. Keep within a budget.
  • Consider feeding you’re your dog some of the meal you prepare for your family, such as boiled chicken- but research this thoroughly before you do it. Feeding your dog the best food could keep him healthier therefore cutting back on veterinary expenses in the long run. 
  • Rather than taking your dog to the groomer, instead, have a family time of bathing. You can purchase a shampoo at your local pet shop or even a big box retailer. Take your dog and the family outside and let the fun begin. Be sure the weather is appropriate and you are wearing something you can get dirty or soaked in. If this isn’t an option, shop around for prices on groomers. In some cases, you can select which services your dog might need and you could vary them from month to month. Also, check out the pet shops that offer “Do-It-Yourself” bathing places.
  • Keep an eye out for sales on dog products that you use at local pet shops, big box stores and the large warehouse retailers where you can buy in bulk. Sometimes you can get great deals on items you can store for future use.
    (C) Allen Pearson
    Make sure you check the expiration dates on all the products so you are not wasteful. Be careful NOT to purchase items you don’t already use- just because it’s on sale doesn't mean you need to buy it and if you aren’t already using it, there’s no savings for you. 
  • Maintain a regular schedule of visits to the veterinarian. A regular schedule should help limit any surprises down the road as well as unexpected expenses. 
  • My dog is my best buddy and companion. We go quite a few places together. However, he doesn’t have the latest and greatest gadget or leash or the fanciest collar. He does have the items he need to be safe, secure and a happy dog. A strong sturdy leash for walking, a leather collar (my dog is allergic to the nylon products), food and water bowls which are breed and size appropriate that I researched and determined to be the best for his needs.
  • If you travel, check into the expense of taking your dog with you versus kenneling or having a dog sitter come by. In my case, it’s easier, cheaper and more fun to take my dog with me. I've discovered it’s easy for him to travel with us and the money we would spend on someone to stop by the house can be used toward our vacation reducing costs. Of course, you must take time to plan traveling with your dog and add some patience to it.
  • If you are particularly skilled, as in cosmetology or barbering, you could learn to trim your dog’s nails from your veterinarian and do the work yourself.
  • When the veterinarian prescribes medication for your dog, check to see if they can recommend an online resource where you can order them. These websites can be cheaper since they can buy in bulk. I don’t recommend ordering off any website though the medications might be the same so be certain to discuss with your veterinarian as all websites are NOT the same!!
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My human and I were requested to write this post by dog bark collar store.  We were not financially compensated but I received a cool food dish which I might share with you in a future post.

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