Sunday, October 20, 2013

Similarities Between Dogs and Humans

Humanity has felt a kinship with dogs for years, but did you know that dogs are actually very similar to humans? They may not look like it, but they have developed many of the same systems and emotions that people have. Here are just a few of the similarities shared between dogs and people.

Oxytocin is a hormone that allows people to both feel and experience emotion. Some of these emotions and feelings include love, joy, fear, contentment and disgust. Unlike many other animals, dogs also have oxytocin. This allows them to experience many of the same feelings that humans have.
At the same time, there are some feelings that they don’t experience. For example, dogs don’t feel pride, guilt or shame.

Limbic System
The limbic system controls many aspects of the body, but it’s known as the spiritual area of the brain because it makes people feel religious experiences when meditating, gazing at nature or seeing something miraculous. Both dogs and humans have a limbic system, and a dog’s limbic system will flare from many of the same things that make humans feel spiritual.

This system also allows dogs to experience NDEs and OBEs, which has been proven by checking their blood flow, limbic system and eyes.

While many people jokingly say that dogs dream, the truth is that they really are dreaming. They really are acting out their dreams when they are softly barking or running in their sleep.

Phobias and Mental Disorders
Dogs have been shown to fear irrational things like thunder, doctors, fireworks and strangers. They can also experience canine compulsive disorder, which is nearly identical to obsessive-compulsive disorder. This may cause them to excessively chase their tail, lick things and organize items.

Dogs experience frustration just like people when they are unable to solve a problem. This might cause them to jump, bark, urinate or whimper. The only difference is that people are better at solving problems.

While they obviously look very different, dogs are similar to humans in many regards. This explains why we have felt such a kinship with dogs throughout the years, and why they are the most popular pet.

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