Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Friend - Washington Humane Society

This cat from the Washington Humane Society's name is perfect for his color and this time of year - Pumpkin!  

Take a minute- look deep into his coppery-orange eyes- makes you want to each out and pet this cool cat- at least my friends at the Washington Humane Society
(C) Washington Humane Society
tell me this about him.  His soft fur will have you wanting to put you more and have him curl up in your lap to keep you warm this season!
Your search for the perfect love bug cat is over!  Though, he may be 14 years old, he'll purr louder, snuggle better and cuddle longer in your home. So if you want him to help with your fantasy team picks or to your decorate for Thanksgiving (I mean, look at me- it's purrrrfect!) contact the Washington Humane Society.

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