Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Friend - PetConnect Rescue

My friend "Cat Lady" is back! I love working with her, she has such a kind spirit and working with cats isn't as easy of a job as one might think and she does it with such talent along with a barkingly pawsome team of volunteers.  My friends at PetConnect Rescue brought me a cool cat to introduce to you.  I have to admit, after seeing the pics, this looks like one cool cat to hang out with or to have as a Forever Friend!
Credit: PetConnect Rescue
Meet Nike.  An adorable, cool, fun, little kitten born in late April and was rescued from a rural shelter.

Nike got his name because his white feet look like he has running shoes!! And, true to his name he loves to romp and play with the other foster kitties in his home! He gets along quite well with other cats and dogs in his foster home.

Cat Lady tells me that he’s a sweet little guy who will sit on your lap when the mood strikes him! Also he is the first one at the food dish at meal time! RUFF!! 

Nike is a healthy dude!  He has started his vaccinations and has excellent litter box manners.

Sounds like a cool cat buddy to me, er, uh, please don't tell the guys I said that about Nike- I'll never hear the end of it!  But, I knew he was fun when I met him-

If you would like more information about Nike or if you are interested in adopting him, please complete an online application, please click here and a PetConnect Rescue Adoption Coordinator will contact you.

"Playful Nike"
Credit: PetConnect Rescue

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