Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Mozart!!

Amadeus Mozart, posthumous portrait
by Barbara Krafft, 1819
I am not quite sure why my human does this, but it's his studio and I put up with his nonsense or craziness and insane desires in taste of music, art, and so forth.  Of course, I love my human but I would prefer the likes of the Newsboys while I am working- maybe my human can't think with that music on- who knows.

While he loves to listen to classical music from various composers of the Baroque and Classical periods, Mozart is one of his favorites.  So the weekend before his birthday, it's nothing but Mozart playing on his stereo.  Constantly. All weekend.  Symphonies, concertos, sonatas, masses and the requiem.  WOOF!!!!
Be sure to take a minute today to listen to some of Mozart's music- barkingly ruff!!!

All of that being barked, you must know that I love my humans and wouldn't trade them for anything even if Dad is a bit odd- WOOF!!

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