Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday's Success - An Adoption Story"Honcho from Operation Paws for Homes

"Honcho," Credit:  Operation Paws for Homes 
One of my focuses on From the Dog's Paw is the adoption of rescued dogs and cats.  Each Friday, I paw about dog adoption in my column Friday's Friend.

I love to read about dogs that have been adopted and it turns into a great success. I've got to share this story with you as it is really incredible!

"Honcho has happily adjusted to our home. We took him to the vet for a checkup. His physical condition is excellent and weight are ideal. Honcho still barks but only when he has reason. He barks when he is greeting a neighbor or dog that he recognizes.... that bark is a woooo wooo wooo hound call. Honcho barks when he wants to alert us to someone near the house... he doesn't bark at everybody.... just when he thinks its important for us to know someone is there. That bark is a sort of short, sharp, bark.

Our neighborhood has some rough edges. So, we want Honcho to tell us when he senses something that concerns him. We want him to bark and alert us when he thinks it's important. Jane feels safer with Honcho in our home and likes him very much.

Joanna adores Honcho. And.... Honcho has accepted her friends and loves our neighbors.

Last week, someone came to the door and attempted to deliver a pack of advertising. He was dressed in a PEPCO logo T shirt. This was a little odd... PEPCO (our power company) normally doesn't do that.

My daughter, Joanna, was home alone with Honcho. When Joanna cracked the door to take the literature, the man attempted to reach into the house and got a face full of angry dog! Honcho pushed Joanna out of the way and stood the guy off without biting him. He let Joanna control him (under protest) and handled himself well. The guy took his advertising and left.

Frankly, I was delighted. When I found out what had happened I turned to the family and said "Honcho has proved himself. He is one of us."

Honcho enjoys long walks and trips to the dog park. He's raced an athletic Doberman, roughhoused with a blocky Rottweiler, and met another hound who he ran with like they were driving deer. He is a really smart dog and understands tracking instructions. Someone has trained him.

On a recent trip, he traveled to Bethany Beach where he ran on the sand and played fetch with the children in my parents neighborhood. They live in a wooded enclave off the back bay behind Bethany. It was a great weekend.

Thank you for making it possible to bring Honcho into our home.

He is a really great dog, In fact, he is a fine, intelligent, Virginia gentleman."

GREAT JOB HONCHO!! PAWS TO YOU!!!!! Thanks to Operation Paws For Homes for sharing this story with us!!

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