Thursday, January 30, 2014

Product Review - VetIQ - Minties

WOOF!!! I've got to tell you- there's this most barkingly beautiful Golden Retriever named Myia who lives just down the street around the corner and up the block from me!  I see her each time my human and I go for a walk by her house.   She is so beautiful I love watching her from afar or up close or any way that I can!!  And, I do my best to get my human to walk by her home every day!

Lately, she hasn't been paying as much attention to me- I know she was unhappy with me for chasing her cat, but I apologized for that and we've been getting along really well.  Now, all of a sudden she started staying away again!

And, I've noticed, it's not only her but my human hasn't been cuddling with me as much and looks at my mouth frequently.

Recently, my human started giving me a treat called, VETIQ Minties Vet Grade Formula. They taste good- just like a treat!!  And, my mouth began to feel minty fresh!

These treats not only keep my breath fresh, but help to clean my teeth, and remove plaque and tartar or any other stuff.

I walked by Myia's house the other day.  She was outside walking around and noticed me- and of course, I noticed her- I was a bit nervous much like a school boy.  She noticed my fresh breath and stayed around a while.

Later in the evening, my human cuddled with me on the coach to watch TV and relax at the end of a long day.  He mentioned "Noah, your breath smells great!"

Minty fresh breathe, while cleaning your teeth and removing plaque and tartar!

Disclaimer:  Opinions expressed here are mine!  I was given a bag of these VETIQ Minties Vet Grade Formula and asked my opinion- which is always honest!

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