Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Doggieversary To Me!!!

I can't believe it- I've actually been with my humans for four years! The date was last month but I've been so busy pawing that I didn't realize the date had past so quick!!!

Today, a day of celebration!!  My humans adopted me from PetConnect Rescue, Potomac, Maryland on Saturday, Dec, 11, 2009.  My mom is a sweet lady who is responsible for bringing me home though my dad is the one who found me through photos and stuff on PetFinder.

I have accomplished quite a bit in my few short years of living here.  Mom wasn't much of a challenge as she's got it together really well.  She pets me, scratches my belly, scratches my ears and knows exactly what I need and when I need it!  She's the perfect dog mom!  Pawtastic, I would say!!!

Now, my dad is great too- but he has required, and still does, quite a bit of work- to bark the least and be pawsy on him.  Oh. We have come a long way- from walking around the block twice a day to walking 3-4 miles on weekends. He's learned how to play fetch in the backyard, in the family room, and in the hallway upstairs on those really cold snowy days.  He pets, sometimes on demand, he scratches my belly, pets my head, almost as perfect as mom! 

My dad feeds me the best food, the best treats and the best snacks he can so I stay healthy!  At first, I didn't like the foods he was trying to get me to eat! After eating off the land for awhile, I was a stray, they tasted odd- yet were better for me than stuff I found.

And the exciting thing for me is the start of my own blog!!  I never dreamed I would aspire to a Pawthor of  From The Dog's Paw where I paw about dog and cat care tips, events for dogs to take their humans (cats don't get out as much but when I hear about it- I share), fun stories- all with fact and humor combined to make learning fun.

Another interesting aspect of my life here has been becausing an assistant Pawtographer to my Dad who is a Dog Photographer.  He photographs for rescue groups and shelters as well as clients.  Dog Photography is a lot of work but one that my human and I love- except am not real happy when he comes home smelling like 5 or 6 other dogs!!

I invite you to continue following me, join following me by email signup here on my blog and on Facebook and Twitter. I have an exciting year planned in 2014 am looking forward to having you along the way!! 

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