Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve

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It is Christmas Eve Eve and all through the house and the neighborhood everyone is in a scurry to get the things done to celebrate Christmas for it is only a few days away!

The hustle and bustle leads to chaos and craziness throughout the house and the land, so you've got to pay particular attention to your dog and cat as you prepare for your celebrations.

Some dogs will get into everything- I am one of them!  WOOF!!  I must inspect everything my humans do so I can protect them from things they know not!  WOOF!!  Barkingly-
  • When wrapping gifts, be careful not to leave needles and pins from dress shirts or other clothing articles where they could get stepped on or accidentally chewed on or ingested- 
    • Scotch tape, bows and ribbons and name tags can be of interest to the curious dog and cat!
  • Keep snacks and drinks away from dogs and cats reach.  I love to sneak samples, you know- just a quick lick- of something my human has to eat or drink.  He is careful not to allow me to get into anything that would upset my stomach!   Or worse, cause a trip to the Animal ER.
    • WOOF!  Of course this means snack trays really shouldn't be set out until the party is to begin!  arf.
    • Some human foods can be poisonous or just not "good" for your dog or cat to eat- be sure to research this and keep on top of it.
      • One time, as my human tells it, his prior dog got a good taste of pepperoni pizza.  The dog cried all night and had to go outside quite a bit which kept everyone up. 
Used by Permission, GraphicStock
  • Decorating the tree- fun for everyone! WOOF!! I love being there with my humans.  Be sure to keep glass ornaments off the floor so your dog or cat do not step on them. 
  • Consider securing your tree if you have a cat who might want to climb in it sending it tumbling to the ground.  
    • Or, consider using a small tree on a table top or entertainment center where it would be less likely to get bothered by the cat.
    • That's not to say, dogs don't bother trees, we're less likely to knock them over.  BARK!
    • My humans quit placing sentimental ornaments on Christmas trees for fear of the cat's attack causing the tree to crash and break the ornaments.
  • Remember wagging tails can be strong and might knock off decorations and drinks or food placed on coffee tables. 
  • And cats are naturally curious! 
Keeping your dog and cats needs in mind while you are going through your day today- will help everyone have a safe and happy celebration.

Barkingly pawsome, if you get stressed out or things get to be too much to handle, take a break and pet your dog or cat- you'll enjoy de-stressing and your pet will love the attention! 

Used by Permission, GraphicStock

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