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Product Review: Ruff Guide to the United States

WOOF! WOOF!! Do you have a dog lover on your Christmas Gift list who loves to hang out with his dog- who may want travel with him?  I have the perfect gift for that person- read on-

Used by Permission, Ruff Guide and

Barkingly pawsome- this book, "Ruff Guide to the United States" - 365 of the best places to stay and play with your dog in all 50 states- is a pawfect resource for the dog lover! WOOF!! WOOF!! BARK!!!

My human received this book from Jason and Melissa Halliburton of BringFido after meeting them at a dog event he was photographing!

With the face of a Golden Retriever with a tennis ball by a lake on the cover, it intrigued me to take a sneak at look at the book when my human went to do an errand!

The first thing I love about the book is the page, "Fido's Bucket List!"  A place where I can note all the places I want my human to take me- and, maybe I'll let him list a few.

I pawed through the pages and found about 365 places I'd like to go with my human and I know he'd enjoy going with me- but since that may not be pawsible, I've selected several places to share with you that I know my human would want to go see and I'd love to be right there pawing with him. Am still going to push for every pawlace we can go!  WOOF!!

Ruff Guides - Zion Adventure Company
Used by Permission, Ruff Guide, BringFido, Photo by Seth Hamel
Zion National Park
Springdale, Utah

Zion National Park is one of my human's favorite places! He loves the cabins by the lodge you can stay in. Not to mention, how absolutely beautiful the park is to visit.  He is determined to go back there one day so am going to try to convince him to take me with him.

Now, this could be paws of fun!  WOOF!!  We could take an early morning drive along the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway looking for wildlife- I'll have to pawmise to behave myself! After our drive, I'll pawsuade my human to stop for a walk at the pet-friendly Pa'rus Trail, a two-mile paved path that runs alongside the Virgin River!

In the afternoon, we'll take a tour with the Zion Adventure Company- my human will love this- a 2.5 hour ride in an open-air converted 1974 Mercedes Benz Unimog traveling through the canyon Overland Cliffs and Canyons Backcountry. 

Tours operate daily from March through October. Admission fees for humans, but, dogs are free!  WOOF!!!!!

Corolla Outback Adventures
Used by Permission, Ruff Guide, BringFido, Photo by Robert Maxwell
Outerbanks, North Carolina
Corolla, North Carolina

Now, this one looks like a pawcellent adventure for my human mom and I! We both enjoy the beach and horses- though she can't go horseback riding on wild horses, she would love looking at them.

At the Corolla Outback Adventures, we will have private access to the Wild Horse Conservation Easement where we'll visit refuge areas and sanctuary sites that are home to Colonial Spanish Mustangs! During the tour, we may see horses walking the beach and maybe playing in the surf!

Fees charged for humans, well-behaved dogs are free.

After the tour, there is more for humans and their dogs to do at the dog-friendly Wild Horse Museum in Old Corolla Village!

As I pawed, these are only a sample of the many listings in this pawcellent book for dog lovers!

Paws to BringFido for their efforts in producing the pawcellent book!

Interested in purchasing this book, visit Ruff Guides!

Disclaimer and legalese: I did not receive treats, dog biscuits, any dog food or  toys to write this review.  My human didn't receive a Hershey bar, sliced apples, grapes or anything else he loves to eat to write this review.  

We received a copy of it and decided to share our opinion with you!  

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