Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year's Eve

WOOF!! Wow! It's New Years Eve already! What plans do you have for the evening?

My humans usually stay home and watch a little TV- they've rarely stayed up to usher in the New Year.  Dad doesn't like to drive or go far from home on New Year's Eve because of the possible craziness and drunk drivers on the road.

One of their favorite things to do is get their favorite snacks, some for me too, and watch DVD's of the Gaither and their Homecoming Friends.  They try to stay awake until midnight but it never works!  WOOF!!!

Occasionally, I hear Dad say he likes to stay home on New Year's Eve to take care of me when the fireworks go off.  He doesn't like to leave me alone with all the noise and lights!  BARK!!! He's a pawsome human!

If you are going out tonight, pawlease be careful, be safe and enjoy yourself.  If you are drinking, please don't drink and drive. Have a friend be a designated driver or call for a cab ride.    

After all, your dog, your cat, your family, and most of all ME- needs you to return home safe and sound so you can read all the  pawonderful, exciting, pawtastic, stories and posts that I have to share with you in 2016.  I would miss you very much and think of you often.

So have fun.  Be safe.  Have a designated driver or call a cab.  We love you and want you to be around in 2016.  WOOF!!!!

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