Saturday, September 16, 2017

Prepare for Remember Me Thursday! Join us!

Used by Permission, Helen Woodward Animal Center

It all started in 2009. I was adopted by a goofy skinny human I often refer to as "Dad" and a most pawsomely beautiful human who is the most pawfect dog mom! We began life together on a cold winter evening in December. Dad said I was his Christmas present that year and the bestest ever!

I am blessed more than many other dogs which were not adopted. After roaming the North Carolina hills as a stray, PetConnect Rescue saved me. My humans taught me about being a dog in a home and being the best dog that I've become.  I wish all dogs and cats would have the same blessings.

A few years later, In 2011, I started writing my blog as "Dulles Dog" but soon changed it to "from The Dog's Paw." I had so much fun writing about my adventures and learning to live with my new humans, I wanted other dogs to find humans to love and their "Forever Homes!" BARKS! And, humans to find these most pawsome dogs and love them.

Barkingly, as my humans would love to have a yard full of big dogs like me, its really not an option for them so he photographs, and I allow him to write, to help other dogs and cats in need of "Forever Homes" and loving humans to find them!

To support my passion of finding dogs and cats humans to love and "Forever Homes" I came up with the idea of my weekly column "Friday's Friend." Each week I share friends from seven local dog and cat rescues who need "Forever Homes."  Barkingly, dog and cat adoption is an on-going theme with the articles I write for the Fairfax County Times every week.

Since not everyone can write a blog post or for a local newspaper, you can share your love of your pet on social media and the pawsomeness of adoption. On Thursday, September 28, share a photo you and your pet with a sentence or two about how you find them on your social media. Share your pawsome experiences using #remembertherescue.

Barkingly, you can participate in a competition with prizes where you share a photo of your pet and a story about adoption at Remember The Rescue Contest. Contest runs through September 30.

Used by Permission, Helen Woodward Animal Center

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