Thursday, September 28, 2017

#Remember Me Thursday! Dog Adoption, Cat Adoption

"Noah and Allen, "From The Dog's Paw!"
(C) Allen Pearson, All Rights Reserved

I remember the day you came to visit. I wondered about you being so skinny, a bit nervous, and a bit funny-looking. WOOF! Your wife was gorgeous, a beauty beyond any I’d ever seen and impeccable manners. She is the smart one in the family which will soon be confirmed. I was a skinny young kid with big paws in a strange house in Potomac, Maryland. I had spent the last few years of my life as someone’s dog and then a stray until someone took me to a shelter in North Carolina. My number was nearly up when… I was taken by helicopter- really odd to fly over all these places and really fast- to a new place to start life over I was told.

You had recently lost your dog to an aggressive form of cancer. It tore you apart and I could see the sadness in both of your eyes. You couldn’t or wouldn’t make up your mind to adopt me as you had other plans for your life. “Too much work caring for another dog. Walks. Exercise. Feed. Water. Veterinarian Appointments. You were planning to become the world’s greatest nature photographer. You loved the idea.” Your wife and a dear friend said you needed a dog and emphasized it repeatedly. You disagreed.

You visited awhile. I think you were torn from the recent loss of your dog more than anything so I showed my sweet, cute, adorable, handsome, fun, pawsome, pawfect, pawtastic, wonderful, goofy, very attentive, very friendly, sweet-tempered, calm, self to you two and being an artist photographer which is probably fun but not as good as me.

Your lovely wife loved me and saw your perplexity! She knew what was best- as so many brilliant women do and said “If you liked me, we need to take him now as she was not driving back to Potomac in a few days.” Smart woman. I don’t like the noise and chaos that I hear all the day long either.” You two were approved already to take me home as PetConnect Rescue had already done a background check and chatted with your previous dog’s Veterinarian.

You agree but state, “I guess if it doesn’t work out, we can bring him back.” The gracious lady from PetConnect Rescue confirms that you are to do just that!

We get into the car. You sit in the backseat with me. Not sure why but you did. We drove down this road and onto a huge road with sounds and noises that I’d never heard before. You helped me relax by petting me on the head.

"Tyson's Galleria"
Credit: Patrick Lennon, Flickr Creative Commons
All of a sudden the night gets as bright as the day! I don’t understand so I keep my head low. You look to see and say, “WOW! Look at all the lights and shops and all…I could be a part of that with all my art...  “ You were making a choice here to care for me and not participate in art shows, art festivals, nor become the world’s greatest nature photographer anytime soon- it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!

I looked up at you as if to say, “I think we can make this work!”

You look back as if to say, “I think so too!”

Used by permission, Helen Woodward Animal Center
We began a pawsome 8-year journey that night which has been a blessing for both of us. I came along at the right time for you and you came along at the right time for me.

There are more dogs and cats in rescues, shelters and humane societies looking for “Forever Homes” and humans, like you, to love. There are countless stories of pawfect adoptions. Each week, we feature many dogs and cats in need in our column, "Friday's Friend." Be sure to visit and maybe find that pawfect friend!

Today, my human and I are writing about pet adoption to celebrate those who found “Forever Homes” and to light a candle in remembrance of those who were dropped off at shelters and didn’t find another place to go. Bark.

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