Saturday, September 23, 2017

Prepare for Remember Me Thursday! Join us!

Used by permission, Helen Woodward Animal Center

Once upon a forever time ago, I had a cat brother.  He was a pawsome Maine Coon with a purringly grand personality. His name was Franz J. Haydn, "Haydn" for short as when my humans first adopted him, he was always hiding, so it was "Haydn" because he was always "hidin'." He was one cool dude and I so very much enjoyed having a cat brother- hey- don't tell the guys, barks, ok? WOOF!!

Haydn and I got along famously. When I first arrived we had a "sit down" to discuss the rules of the house. He said he rules the place and not to interfere and we'll get along great. I was fine with that as I don't care who rules as long as I get attention, belly rubs, ears scratched, the best treats and the best food.  He could do whatever whenever and always and I decided that I was dog in which my humans love and that made me very happy. He was an awesome gentle giant of a cat- in which I will always remember!

As mom loves cats and I love mom, I decided to write about cat adoption and their care as often as I can.  Recently, I pawed a series of articles about cat adoption and introducing a new cat to your home for the Fairfax County Times!

BARKs! er, MEOW, or is it PURR?!! Since not everyone can write a blog post or an article for a local newspaper, I want to invite you to share your love of your pet on social media and the pawsomeness of adoption!

On Thursday, September 28, lets flood social media with photos of you and your pet with a sentence or two about how you found them on your social media.  Share these pawsome experiences using #remembertherescue.

Meowly, you can participate in a competition with prizes where you share a photo of your pet and a story about adoption at Remember The Rescue Contest. Contest runs through September 30.

Used by permission, Helen Woodward Animal Center

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